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Splunk Consultant

Is your organization using Splunk as a data and security platform and do you need advice on how to properly use, set up and optimize Splunk? PROBEGIN is an official Splunk Reseller, Splunk Managed Service Provider and the only Splunk Technology Partner in the Netherlands. We work for banks, insurers and government agencies and provide both licenses, managed services and have in-house developed apps for Splunk that provide more insight into your organization. Splunk Consultants are scarce, however PROBEGIN has the right people with knowledge and experience who can always provide you with tailored advice.

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Want to hire a Splunk Consultant directly?
We will be happy to call you back!

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    Want to hire a Splunk Consultant directly?
    We will be happy to call you back!

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      High-quality tailor-made advice

      Our consultants know the Splunk platform well and provide high-level advice on its capabilities. We continue where other companies drop out, because we believe it is important to continually work to get the most out of Splunk after purchasing Splunk Enterprise and/or Splunk Enterprise Security. Unfortunately, many companies stop continuing to develop reports and features after they have purchased Splunk and set up the foundation. Then you don’t have the knowledge and experience to follow through, and not enough time and energy is put into making sure Splunk is doing its job properly.

      PROBEGIN ensures that through tailored advice and through our managed services, you can continue to take action and make a difference.
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      Fast access to the right developer
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      Maintain flexibility in your organization
      A suitable solution for your problem

      Working with a Splunk Consultant from PROBEGIN

      Experience in your industry

      Our Splunk Consultants have experience in banking, insurance, government and defense, and they bring their best practices to bear in advising you.

      In addition to advice, also support

      Giving advice on your Splunk environment is great but we also want to support your team on an ongoing basis. With us Management team we offer various services that support your business and your Splunk team. Want to know more?

      Workable solutions

      PROBEGIN loves a practical approach. We don’t just want to talk, we really work the on solutions we recommend.


      We provide services at international companies where security is the core business. It goes without saying that we handle your data with the utmost care and professionalism.

      Always available

      Splunk specialists are scarce and, in addition, many Splunk Enterprise customers are experiencing turnover. PROBEGIN has a solution with its managed services, where your Splunk environment is always maintained and your staff is always adequately and professionally supported and helped.


      A certificate says you have the knowledge and satisfied customers indicate that you put that knowledge into practice. We value the satisfaction of our customers and our services are therefore focused on conveying our expertise to our customers.

      Want to know more?

      Do you also have needs for Splunk expertise and want to get more out of Splunk Enterprise, Splunk Enterprise security or are you interested in our TAP solutions? Feel free to contact us via info@PROBEGIN.n

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      Frequently Asked Questions

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