What do our services consist of?

We take care of the entire recruitment and HRM process and through our extensive network, can find highly skilled and experienced developers for you very quickly….

PROBEGIN facilitates your remote team, starting from 1 FTE without upfront investment.
You have influence during the selection process, which we recruit based on your wishes, requirements and needs. You can create your own team and in addition you can use our staff members who will support you.

If you already have experience working with remote teams, we will help you find the right people for your team and set everything up the way you want it. If you are new to managing remote teams though, you can build on our experience. We have documents, guidelines and proven methodologies to help you efficiently and effectively work with the nearshore developers.


For every developer you hire you always have two months probationary period. If you don’t like it, we will immediately find a replacement for you. In addition, we can always find a replacement within two to four weeks if a developer decides to quit on his own. As a result, you are assured of continuity. During vacation periods, we offer a service where your own team members can go on vacation and another developer takes over the tasks temporarily.


In addition to the developer, you will also use our infrastructure. All offices are secured with turnstiles, fingerprint access and has 24 hour surveillance outside and camera surveillance inside. In addition, we offer you your own VLAN with VPN connection. If necessary, we have system administrators and network administrators who can support you.

You have the possibility of extra support add to your team. For example, you can hire a part-time project manager to ensure that the work you have scheduled is developed, with achievable goals. A project manager makes sure your developers know what they can work on and in what order. The project manager also ensures that there is a clear overview so that you are always in control.


You have your own HRM and Recruitment department at your disposal, who will provide new developers if you want to expand and take care of any replacements. Also, our HRM department will ensure that your developers have a personal development plan receive and adhere to it, attend training and courses, and in addition they always keep a finger on the pulse to make sure everyone is satisfied and stays satisfied.


You don’t have to worry about the administration. You will receive 1 invoice from us per month including an hourly specification for each developer.

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