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Splunk Data Analytics team

Is your organization using Splunk as a data and security platform and do you need advice on how to properly use, set up and optimize Splunk? PROBEGIN is official Splunk Reseller, Splunk Managed Service Provider and the only Splunk TAP Partner in the Netherlands. We work for banks, insurers and government agencies and provide both licenses, managed services and have in-house developed apps for Splunk that provide more insight into your organization. Splunk specialists are scarce, however PROBEGIN has the right people with knowledge and experience who can always provide you with tailored advice.

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Hiring a Splunk data specialist right away?
We will be happy to call you back!

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    Hiring a Splunk data specialist right away?
    We will be happy to call you back!

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      Certified Splunk Data Specialists

      Need a certified Splunk data specialist to take over or support your current team? PROBEGIN has all the knowledge and expertise to take your Splunk environment to the next level and provide high-quality support, maintenance and advice.

      PROBEGIN has a management team and a data analysis team through which we offer a broad spectrum of Splunk Managed Services and fully unburden and support our customers.

      PROBEGIN ensures that through managed services and through our ongoing customized advice, you can continue to work on your roadmap.
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      Fast access to Splunk Data specialists
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      Maintain flexibility in your organization
      A suitable solution for your problem

      Working with a Data Specialist from PROBEGIN

      The Splunk Data Analytics team at PROBEGIN is always available to you

      By signing a managed services agreement with us, your organization has direct access to all the knowledge, experience and expertise related to Splunk and you can use it whenever your organization needs it.

      We perform maintenance and continue to optimize your Splunk environment

      Our management team consists of system administrators, security administrators, architects and data analysts. We carry out work proactively, tailored to the needs of your organization.

      You can start immediately

      Our team can act as a backup to your own Splunk Data Analytics team and can fully manage Splunk as a whole, if you don’t have your own Splunk certified specialists on your team.

      Always knowledge, capacity and expertise

      Are you running into turnover and occupancy issues, which means, for example, that there is not enough knowledge in-house to maintain your Splunk environment? PROBEGIN ensures that your organization can always keep running, 24/7 if necessary, 365 days a year.

      Part of your organization

      Our team operates entirely under your flag and naturally conforms to the internal policies that apply within your organization.

      Get more out of Splunk, when you want it

      Want to add more data sources to Splunk, build Dashboards and perform analytics. Where previously you would spend weeks or months, with our Managed Services and Management team, you can make meters immediately. After all, you have access to Splunk specialists at all times and immediately.

      Reliable partner

      PROBEGIN exists for over 15 years, we build and maintain sustainable and long-term relationships with our customers You can therefore always count on a reliable partner and a company with a proven track record.

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